Feeling your emotions exercise


This feeling your emotions exercise can be used for all challenging emotions that arise. Remember all emotions are okay. They’re part of being human.

Steps you can use:

1. What situation or person triggered this negative emotion?

2. What emotion are you experiencing? Remember, no negative judgments about it.

3. Where do you feel this emotion in your physical body?

4. Stay very present and 100% feeling the emotion – no thinking.

5. Now stay fully in touch with the feeling or emotion and a take a deep inhalation and a slow exhalation.

6. Notice if there is still some of this particular emotion left. If yes, repeat the steps until this emotion is completely gone.

7. If there are any other emotions around the original challenging situation or person go through the above steps until they are released.

8. Bring whatever new positive thoughts or images that feel appropriate to you.