Amazing Program

Special 2 Week Program in Yogaville 
Buckingham, Virginia

Have you ever wanted to really understand the Yoga postures? Or wanted to have personal instruction on every posture?  Would you like to deepen your understanding and practice of meditation and yoga psychology.  Did you ever want to visit and live in a yoga based community in a beautiful setting? or visit the powerful LOTUS shrine which is dedicated to all faiths and all people?  Like to eat delicious, healthy vegetarian meals that someone else has made for you?  Make new friends?  Feel healthier and lighter?

Lalita and I have put together an amazing program for you, including very experienced workshop presenters, and daily yoga and meditations.  We will take care of you to ensure you have a wonderful experience, gaining new knowledge, skills and tools to bring back home with you.  Love to have you in this program.  

This program is now being discounted 20% on the tuition until the end of August.   If you have any questions, please write back to me at