Responding vs Reacting

Responding vs Reacting 

Reacting is thinking, speaking and acting in an unconscious way, a knee jerk way. It often leads to conflict, less desirable outcomes and it may cause unnecessary pain to others and ourselves.

Responding is thinking, speaking and acting in a conscious way. Responding rather than reacting helps us to maintain our peace and ease, leads to more harmonious relationships and greater success in our endeavors.

How to respond instead o reacting? 1. Pause and contemplate before speaking and acting. Try to create a win win for everyone involved. 

2. Move our energy into our hearts – out of our heads. This will sweeten our responses.

3. Realize that we often don’t know what challenges or difficulties someone else may be going through. This will create more compassion for others when they present us with challenging words and actions.

4. Cultivate positive thoughts throughout our day so the mind remains in a better space. We will be less likely to react.

How do you respond instead of reacting?