Eleven Effective Ways You can deal with Negative Emotions

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1. Stop introducing more negative thoughts. Instead witness or observe these emotions. The emotions will begin to subside.

2. Breathe slowly, smoothly and deeply. Any emotional upset will begin to dissolve. Deep breathing also helps to keep the mind more positive.

3. Replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. You can also replace detrimental actions with beneficial ones. As negative emotions need a constant supply of new negative thoughts, creating positive thoughts will result in any existing emotions to begin to release.

4. Use a mantra. A mantra is a powerful, beneficial sound vibration. It helps the mind to be more steady and positive. Any challenging emotions present will begin to dissolve.

5. Repeat an affirmation. You are filling up the mind with something uplifting. For example, silently repeat, “I am relaxed.” Any emotions will begin to dissipate.

6. Focus on your heart center. This will help you to have more loving, caring and compassionate thoughts, thereby lessening detrimental emotions.

7. Do something positive for someone or do a beneficial action. When we put our attention outward, we forget about ourselves. Any emotional stress will begin to dissolve through lack of attention.

8. Practice meditation. In meditation the emotions naturally begin to subside as we focus on our meditation technique.

9. Practice hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a wonderful practice for regaining emotional balance. It helps to release emotions that may be stored in the physical body.

10. Exercise mindfully. Exercise can be a great way to release emotional stress.

11. It’s okay to feel. Let yourself feel your emotions to let them go. Stay tuned to the next blog which will outline in detail how to feel your emotions.