5 ways to experience more happiness in your life?

IMG_26521. Trying something new can be refreshing for the mind and activate our creativity. You could join a new group or take a short trip or introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met before.

2. Take up meditation or if you’re already meditating, practice for a little longer. Meditation gives the mind a rest and we begin to connect with our inner contentment. After meditation the world looks brighter and we feel more balanced mentally, emotionally and physically.

3. Do something you love to do. We all feel joyful doing things we love, so make time for these things.

4. Do something for someone else. When we serve others we feel good about ourselves and we strengthen our connection with others.

5. See and feel the beauty around you. Take the time to really see the nature around you. Perhaps go up close to a flower or leaf and be amazed by the detail, scents and sounds.