Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? If yes, what can we do?
Feeling overwhelmed is a natural feeling. It comes partly from a belief that we cannot handle what has just come up in our lives. It could be a health issue, a challenge at work or in our business or a difficulty in a relationship or just feeling powerless when we see all the troubles and suffering happening around the world.

A first step can be to take a more positive viewpoint of what is happening. Believe that we have the strength to handle whatever is coming up. If the suffering is happening thousands of miles away we can offer our prayers or send a donation if we can.
A second step could be to feel the emotions around the situation so we can release them.
A third step is the ask ourselves what can I do right now to help the situation.
A fourth step could be to ask our Spirit within for guidance. Guidance is always available to us if we can quiet our minds and open our hearts.
A fifth step might be to ask others for help.

Positive change is a process. It take time. Have patience and stay positive. How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed?