About the Book

Whether you’re interested in improving your health, better managing your mind, connecting with your inner peace or increasing your prosperity, Treasure Within You will assist you. You will learn how to calm and clear the mind enabling you to reconnect with your inner treasure, you inner peace, happiness and love, and to your intuition and creativity.

Keeping a calm and clear mind creates a foundation for you to thrive in your daily life. Thrive in your relationships, career, health and material prosperity. This book will help you clarify and manifest your dreams and goals.

Mitra Somerville understands the book’s principles and practices through personal experience and teaching for over 30 years. The author uses clear narrative and examples, and exercises enabling you to experience the benefits for yourself.

Readers are given the keys to calm, clear and create a more positive mind, open their heart, become happier, healthier and better manage their emotions. You will learn how to meditate and to effectively use prayer, witnessing, deep breathing and affirmations. You will know how to live in the now, become non-attached or let go, use imagery, lessen stress and live from your intuition. These teachings and exercises will help you to achieve your goals and dreams and to thrive.

Treasure Within You Book

About the CD

This CD or MP3 download has 28 guided meditations and exercises. These will help you calm and clear the mind and reconnect with your inner peace, happiness and love. The skills you acquire in these practices and exercises can be used in your daily life to improve your relationships, career, health and material well-being. The audios include guided meditations, prayers, forgiveness exercises, gratitude exercise, feeling your emotions exercise, breathing practices, imagery exercises and deep relaxation.