forest and brookWould like to know how to better manage your mind, to think more clearly? How to become healthier and more relaxed, and how to effectively deal with emotions that come up? Would you like to improve your relationships, career and level of prosperity? Would you like to connect with your inner peace, love and happiness, and have better access to your intuition and creativity? What dreams and goals would you like to manifest in your life? Would you like to thrive in all areas of your life?

Mitra Somerville can give you the keys unlock your inner treasures. He has been sharing these teachings and exercises with clients for over 30 years. Sessions are tailored to suit your needs. You will receive many exercises and practices that will improve every part of your life, helping you to thrive.

Mitra’s depth of understanding comes from personal experience and deep contemplation. He will guide you with clarity, care and passion in successfully achieving your goals and dreams.

Here are some of areas of Mitra's expertise:

Connecting with your inner peace, love, happiness, intuition and creativity, understanding and managing the mind, opening your heart, restoring emotional balance, creating more happiness in your life, clarifying your dreams and goals, learning to breathe well, knowing how to meditate and use prayer effectively, understanding the importance of non-attachment or letting go, how to use affirmations and create a more positive mind, learning to live in the now and how to witness or observe, understanding imagery and how to effectively use it, overcoming stress, learning to improve your health and living from your intuition.

1 Life Coaching Session

3 Life Coaching Sessions

You can receive coaching by phone, skype/google or in person.

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I offer a free 30 minute consultation. After your initial free consultation you can book one or three sessions.


  • “Hi am so thankful that I had went to your meditation and received the recordings from the sessions where you taught me. I have been using them everyday for a week or a little more and have already been seeing results. This was a very good thing for me and I am so, so thankful. So happy and much blessing.” Crystal T. Hawaii

  • “Mitra is exceptional in that he created the safe environment, provided historical background, course outlines and journaling diary, and introduced a variety of techniques, in his quiet, reassuring manner. This was a course well worth my time effort!” Judy I. Honolulu, Hawaii